31% Of Adults Under 30 Doubt God Exists

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31% Of Adults Under 30 Doubt God Exists

More Young Americans Doubt God Exists Than Ever Before

Young Americans Losing Faith? New Poll Shows 31 Percent Of Adults Under 30 Doubt God Exists

Why Young People Are Becoming Secular

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    Wed, July 4, 2012 - 3:13 PM
    Similarly, young adults are less convinced of God's existence than their elders
    are today; 64% of young adults say they are absolutely certain of God's
    existence, compared with 73% of those ages 30 and older. In this case,
    differences are most pronounced among Catholics, with younger Catholics being 10
    points less likely than older Catholics to believe in God with absolute
    certainty. In other religious traditions, age differences are smaller. But GSS
    data show that Millennials' level of belief in God resembles that seen among Gen
    Xers when they were roughly the same age. Just over half of Millennials in the
    2008 GSS survey (53%) say they have no doubt that God exists, a figure that is
    very similar to that among Gen Xers in the late 1990s (55%). Levels of certainty
    of belief in God have increased somewhat among Gen Xers and Baby Boomers in
    recent decades. (Data on this item stretch back only to the late 1980s, making
    it impossible to compare Millennials with Boomers when Boomers were at a similar
    point in their life cycle.)...

    On still other measures of religious belief, there are few differences in the
    beliefs of young people compared with their elders today. Adults under 30, for
    instance, are just as likely as older adults to believe in life after death (75%
    vs. 74%), heaven (74% each), hell (62% vs. 59%) and miracles (78% vs. 79%). In
    fact, on several of these items, young mainline Protestants and members of
    historically black Protestant churches exhibit somewhat higher levels of belief
    than their elders...

    But differences between young adults and their elders are not so stark on all
    moral and social issues. For instance, more than three-quarters of young adults
    (76%) agree that there are absolute standards of right and wrong, a level nearly
    identical to that among older age groups (77%). More than half of young adults
    (55%) say that houses of worship should speak out on social and political
    matters, slightly more than say this among older adults (49%). And 45% of young
    adults say that the government should do more to protect morality in society,
    compared with 39% of people ages 30 and older...
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    Re: 31% Of Adults Under 30 Doubt God Exists

    Thu, August 23, 2012 - 10:14 PM
    They just don't believe in their government or their media or especially their parents or elders anymore, lie enough and that's what happens, you undermine basic structures. The real issue is what is this modern media doing to their basic education and critical thinking abilities, seeing as how some of those in power as they grew up were quite willing to pull stunts without thinking them through. Maybe that's all God ever was, the heritage left for us by those before, and the more some generations ruin it, the less they are respected. In the end it comes down to do people like that even know how much they lie to themselves any more, can they even be aware of what they do to themselves? It doesn't look to me that believing one's own lies gets one much of anywhere. Therefore might as well consign the need to even investigate youth's interest in working out the intricacies of yesterdays lies to the swift, solid and unswerving rebuttal of, "no, I don't believe you." Going from there, if at all they had bothered to investigate religion (the youth) just means some moron trying to hassle, extort, command or attack answers out of someone else based on their authority.

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