Melanin, Consciousness, and My disclaimer of being Racist

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"What I would like to suggest is that this same Divine Consciousness created All human bodies with similar levels of neuromelanin because, once you get past the apparent man of flesh, the outer sheath of skin, we are One"

I thought I'd better address these issues of race before others begin to think I'm racist, I'm not, I'm here to dismantle Seth and trickology of evil that continues to condition our view of the world and for those who use deception of Sciencetism, Religion, and the Media to control the masses and social inequality, I'm a spiritual social activist for justice and equality... Mars in Libra opposite Mercury in Aries.

but I want you all to know... I love all my brothers and sisters of any race, nationality, religious or sexual preference maybe not their ideology but I love all people, I might not agree or participate, but I'm here to accept everyone with open arms. But that does not mean I don't ascertain or strive for what is Ma'at; I just want to let you all know l love and accept all cool people; cool white guys and girls, cool black guys and girls and so on....all cool black, brown, red, yellow, orange, of any color, race, or creed.

I love the Jewish people just not Zionism, I like the ideals of Islam, just not the fighting, I like people just not all of their ideas, so this is about making these into divine ideas for all of us, I also here to to reveal some things that might rock our built up beliefs and value systems the way we see the world and lot might be hard to accept at first, but this is the foundations that is so much needed. think about it; "Diversity to be as One". So much could be read into that, but they were saying it 10,000 years ago, it's the as the word Universe, or Ausar, it's us being in divine harmony, and not only spiritually united, but one within oneself "Diversity to be as One"

Divine as brought us KMT, it bring a unity, roots, a solid foundation to all our branches of thought, it is the universal tone scale, it bring alignment to every area of our lives, it is a divine order it is the chak-ra's, it is the alignment of the planets, it is a song and dance of life, this was divines message intuited to us by way of cosmology, Astrology lead me to it, these are not ancient Africa truths, these truths are timeless, showing KMT shows these truths through the eons of time.

I always mention Kemet but cause ancient Egypt is the last proof, the last evidence to this great Metaphysical Intelligence, but just as the story tells us Heru (our hero's journey) is to over throw Seth, what ever that is in our life, tricking us out of our divine presence, It's not about how many things we can get, everything we try to do n the outside is to make us feel good on the inside, why not start on the inside. Think about it we try to make ourselves happy , beautiful, or more secure, but it really only comes from the inside (and that is the true KMT-Amen) but we need to break up the SETH paradigms. This is true brotherhood and sisterhood, true opportunity of 2012 and the power of Aquarius.

It is no coincidence us electing Obama at this time and it's not about the man, but this is in divine order it represents all of us, and it's up to all of us...I mention all the atrocities of Africa not just for the love of our people but each and everyone of us knows how it feels to be treated unfairly, but a lot of us are spoiled and Africa is humbling, reaching out to the ideals of Kemet brings a certain depth within, and a awe of how divine intelligence was brought out into these people, and how all of our cultures matters not how different you think yours is is connected at the root and we are all truly united in myth, and this hero's journey as Joesph Campbell once taught me.

The Major Point of my Contention

was not about race, maybe just a little to be the great Upsetter, to touch on an emotional level, to transform us and grow, but not from hate, just a strong force to overstand injustice, but i was never really about race, but about this divine consciousness, Amen, this Intelligence, at this time in ancient history, as if discrediting the so called evolution of thought.

"I was intentionally emphasizing Race, Africa, and KMT, to show divine (Amen) consciousness not black people's consciousness, by showing that these people had the gnosis and the metaphysical sciences in Kemet, Dogon, Zulu, and Africa 5,000 - 10,000 years ago from a people or a time when others were thought to be intellectually inferior, but basically were superior in a lot of ways.

"Now I want to focus on the the similar levels of neuromelanin, rather than contrasting the different levels of skin melanin. This reflects my spiritual beliefs -- inseparable from any other attributes/neters of the I that is me -- who focus on the man within, while viewing the man without -- the man of flesh -- as illusion/perception."

Dog Star*

Melanin and Consciousness

More would not necessarily be a good thing, and less would not necessarily be a bad thing. What seems clear to me is that the Divine Consciousness that permeates All created the human body to adapt, by varying levels of skin melanin, to whatever the terrestrial environment happened to be. In areas of great sunlight, such as near the equator, less melanin would be a bad thing that would lead to skin cancer. In areas with less sunlight, such as Siberia, more melanin would be a bad thing that would lead to vitamin D deficiency and rickets.

What I would like to suggest is that this same Divine Consciousness created All human bodies with similar levels of neuromelanin
because, once you get past the apparent man of flesh, the outer sheath of skin, we are One.

Some whites might want to look at darker hued people and hate them for being different. And, some blacks might want to look at lighter hued people and hate them for being different. But, these perceptions of difference are based on the _apparent_ man without, and not on the One that permeates All, within All, perhaps via the vehicle of neuromelanin.

I am talking about developing the ability to look upon a person, any person, no matter how light or dark or hateful or racist or cowardly or lazy or greedy -- and seeing, with your Third Eye, the pineal gland, the God within that person.

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  • "Current research is revealing that Parkinson's Disease, which is most prevalent amongst lighter hued people, is the result of the loss of neurons containing dopamine, of which neuromelanin is a major component. I agree, the "man without" is an illusion. However as this research suggests, the levels of neuromelanin (like melanin) also vary amongst the "artificial subgroups" of mankind, which means there are also differences "within". It has also been scientifically "proven" that the pineal glands of Caucasians are nearly twice as likely to be calcified as those of Africans." -Comment Originally Posted by a thinking man

    I enthusiastically recommend you read a book entitled "Why Darkness Matters". In chapter one, T. Owens Moore discusses the link between PD and dopamine autoxidation. But, unlike you, he does not, from there, conclude that this proves a difference in the "levels" of neuromelanin between lighter and dark hued people. Here is an excerpt of his argument. The bold emphasis is mine:

    T. Owens Moore:

    "Nearly two decades ago, Lawson (1986) raised the issue of racial and ethnic factors in psychiatric research. There was no direct correlation with melanin or neuromelanin however. We are raising the issue in this book since, as previously stated (Moore, 1995), brain melanin is genetically programmed to function as different capacities depending upon a person's overall genetic capacity to produce melanin.

    Stay with me on this for a few more paragraphs. You are saying "levels" differ, but Moore is saying "genetic programming" differs. His position leaves open the question of who, or what, is initiating this genetic programming. And, that leads esoterically minded folks, of which I unashamed admit to being, to consider the idea of Man, the real Man, atman, being the "do-er" while the apparent man, what the bible calls the man of flesh, is merely the observer.

    If atman is the do-er, then atman is responsible for genetically programming the functioning of neuromelanin. Atman is, by definition, Brahman -- that which Christians would call God.

    What is the pure and perfect reason, which must conform to Divine universal order -- Ma'at -- for programming different functionality of brain melanin in different people?

    Man must be careful about reaching premature conclusions of the goodness, or badness, of Divine actions. By way of just one example, a layman might conclude that it is a bad thing that Africans are genetically disposed towards sickle cell anemia. But, in truth, this is a good thing because the same gene increases the possibility of surviving Malaria -- a disease that kills more Africans that sickle cell anemia.

    • The bible, particularly the Old Testament, is chockful of historical errors and obvious embellishments by the various authors and translators. Which, again, I think underscores that no one should use verses from the bible to justify idealogies involving grading mankind into good, better, and best categories.

      I am in serious disagreement with those who use verses from the bible to "prove" that one ethnic group [blacks or black jews, for instance] are the good guys and that another people [caucasians or canaanites, for instance] are the bad guys. Admittedly, I use to be one of those people who thought like that. But, over time, it has become clear to me that references in the bible to ethnicities [such as Gog and Magog, for instance] are best applied, not to races or ethnicities, but to idealogies.

      Example. There are many prophecies in the bible which speak of the wickedness of Gog and Magog and their eventual destruction. I use to think Gog and Magog meant caucasians. But, of late, after taking a good long look at how certain black people [Oprah, Condi, Clarence Thomas, BET, etc] defend and empower the oppressive acts of Babylon, I have come to the conclusion that Gog and Magog must refer to those, regardless of skin color or ethnicity, who believe in, and promote, protect, and defend, the idealogies of Babylon --- capitalism, me-first world views, racism, religous bigotry, et al.

    • <<<but we need to break up the SETH paradigms.>>>

      Between the incessant repition of this and the long drawn out babble on the same subject copied and pasted from the same book in every post, I find it impossible to be interested in any of these kinds of posts. It is like you are trying to indoctrinate everyone through forced repetition rather than have any kind of discussion on the matter. Either that or you are just obsessed with it. But I must tell you it has caused me to block whatever KMT and SETH represent because if it causes this kind of effect on someone, I want no part of it. Your beliefs are surely yours. I'm just being honest about how it has affected me.
  • "I might not agree or participate, but I'm here to accept everyone with open arms."

    I think that's all anyone can ask from anybody.

    Melanin, Neuromelanin, Melatonin
    "All, within All, perhaps via the vehicle of neuromelanin"

    These ideas of spirituality, melanin and neuromelatonin all confuse me.

    In my head, I always thought that melanin was related to Vitamin D and sunlight, controlled by the intestines, produced in the skin, the by-product of which is skin colouring. The function of melanin is (amonst other things) to prevent forms of cancer to regulate Vitamin D in the body. As a rule, the more sunshine, the more melanin.

    Neuromelanin on the other hand is a pigment in the brain that is NOT genetically determined, or at least is not coloured at birth, but becomes so with maturation. Neuromelanin is not linked to increased sunshine.

    Neither Melanin nor Neuromelanin is linked/regulated by the Pineal gland.

    Melatonin IS regulated by the Pineal gland and controls/regulates circadian rhythm and may have links to dreaming etc. Melatonin generally is seen to be useful in controlling sleeping patterns. I wasn't aware of any links between melatonin and skin colour although it would appear that there IS some link, currently beyond my understanding.

    Could anyone with any more knowledge of these things elaborate on this? As far as I'm aware Melatonin is linked to the Pineal gland, but not Melanin, so automatic assumption would be to say that skin colour (melanin) is not linked to the pineal gland(melatonin) and therefore is irrespective of any Pineal-Spirituality links.

    • "Melatonin IS regulated by the Pineal gland ..."

      To add further confusion, Melatonin production DECREASES in sunshine, whereas Melanin production increases.

      I hope you can understand why I am confused, because, if anything, you would imagine that those exposed to more sunshine would show an increase in Melanin (skin pigment) but a decrease in Melatonin (from Pineal Gland).
      • Just in case anyone cares - a definition of "melanin:

        " any of various black, dark brown, reddish brown, or yellow pigments of animal or plant structures (as skin, hair, the choroid, or a raw potato when exposed to air); especially : any of numerous animal pigments that are essentially polymeric derivatives of indole formed by enzymatic modification of tyrosine." From:

        Any while we are at it - a definition of "Myelin": (which is often confused with melanin)

        "Myelin is an insulating layer that forms around nerves, including those in the brain and spinal cord. It is made up of protein and fatty substances. The purpose of the myelin sheath is to allow rapid and efficient transmission of impulses along the nerve cells. If the myelin is damaged, the impulses are disrupted. This can cause diseases like multiple sclerosis." From:

        AND, for good measure "Substantia nigra neuromelanin":
        "The pigmented neurones of the substantia nigra are typically lost in Parkinson's disease; however, the possible relation between neuronal vulnerability and the presence of neuromelanin has not been elucidated. Early histological studies revealed the presence of increasing amounts of neuromelanin in the substantia nigra with aging in higher mammals, showed that the neuromelanin granules are surrounded by a membrane, and comparatively evaluated the pigmentation of the substantia nigra in different animal species. Histochemical studies showed the association of neuromelanin with lipofuscins. However, systematic investigations of the structure, synthesis, and molecular interactions of neuromelanin have been undertaken only during the past decade. In these later studies, neuromelanin was identified as a genuine melanin with a strong chelating ability for iron and an affinity for compounds such as lipids, pesticides, and MPP+. The affinity of neuromelanin for a variety of inorganic and organic toxins is consistent with a postulated protective function for neuromelanin. Moreover, the neuronal accumulation of neuromelanin during aging and the link between its synthesis and a high cytosolic concentration of catechols suggest a protective role. However, its putative neuroprotective effects could be quenched in conditions of toxin overload."

        And now we have Melatonin thrown in the mix . . . . sounds like the others, so must be connected.

        These words are similar, but deal with unrelated things, which should be kept in mind. I am certain the word "nigra" in the last instance will be leapt upon as having import. . . .

        Side note - taking Melatonin in the evening makes some, but not all people, very sleepy. The OTC product is relatively cheap, and a lot better for you than narcotics.

        • Melanin, The Pineal Gland, and the 3rd Eye (here's the divine perspective)

          "We call it the "The Third Eye", but Others call it The Pineal gland which is in the center of the brain." The Pineal gland goes on to produce the Melanin. Melanocysts are the actual cells that hold the Melanin, and in comparison, White people have the same amount of Melanocysts as Black people; but the difference is "in White people Melanocysts are closer together, and smaller in size." Where as in "Black people our Melanocysts are spread out and larger in size."

          "Now here's the parts that fascinates me. Did you know that "we start producing our Melanin at certain times of the day, and night, and seasons?" Isn't that just so amazingly! In the summer months--it starts around 9pm, increasing more around 10pm and so on, 11pm more is produced, and the amount increasing up the scale to around 12 midnight to 2am in the morning.

          So the peak hours when we produce most of our Melanin are from 12m to 2am. Then the production starts to decrease as the hours nears closer to morning. Then "when we go outside and Sunlight hit our eyes we produce more Melanin, but it's called something else under a different name, but it's still Melanin."

          see link for all the insights...

          • Here the Opposing racist perspective (not sure if it's true)

            Most whites have calcified pineal glands
            apparently thwarting their production of Melatonin

            Why did Afrikans view the European as a child of God, but the Europeans viewed the Afrikan as a soulless savage? Because of "melatonin," described as a mentally and morally stimulating hormone produced by the pineal gland. According to scientific research, most whites are unable produce much of this hormone because their pineal glands are often calcified and non-functioning.

            The pineal calcification rates with Afrikans is 5-15%; Asians 15-25%; Europeans 60-80%! 1 Dr. Richard Kings states "When we talk about cultural differences, some black scholars have raised the question that the European approach, that of the logical, erect, rigid, anti-feeling posture, reflects a left brain orientation and reflects that they lack the chemical key [melatonin] to turn on their unconscious and therefore cannot get into feelings..."

            Carol Barnes writes "Melanin is responsible for the existence of civilization, philosophy, religion, truth, justice, and righteousness.

            Individuals (whites) containing low levels of Melanin will behave in a barbaric manner." Melanin gives humans the ability to FEEL because it is the absorber of all frequencies of energy. Since whites have the least amount of Melanin, this is why they are perceived by People of Color as generally being rigid, unfeeling (heartless), cold, calculating, mental, and "unspiritual." [and without much soul]Their historical behavior towards nonwhites often confirms this.

            The scientific evidence of Melanin threatens the life of white supremacy

            After considering Melanin to be a "waste" product of body-metabolism which "served no useful function," Western science has now discovered that Black Melanin (neuromelanin) is the chemical key to life and the brain itself.

            All the studies, facts, and statistics about Melanin suggest that after four hundred years of attempting to inferiorize the Black race, "Western science is facing the sobering reality that, by its own self-defined standards, Black people are probably superior to whites in both intellectual potential and muscle coordination." 2 The central role that melanin plays in the body has been "suppressed to maintain the mythological inferiority of blacks...and the defensive clinging to whiteness as some token of superiority."

            The "superiority complex" of white people
            is a mask for their deepset inferiority complex
            which they project onto people of color.

            They have an inferiority complex perhaps also about their lack of color in a world where everyone else (the majority) is colored. If Albinos really believed white skin was "superior," then why is "tanning" so important in white culture despite its known health risks? (thousands of whites die annually from skin cancer). In fact, Albinos are now making Melanin tanning ointments.

            "The white man or white species is a genetically defective species. Their MELANOCYTES, MELANOSOMES, and MAST CELLS, etc., do not contain the proper catalyst concentration, chemical reactivity and/or electrical charge needed to produce significant levels of MELANIN in various MELANIN Centers throughout their bodies. Therefore, their organs and systems which depend upon MELANIN to work effectively do not operate well and may suffer numerous disorders

            .1) King, AOB, 58-59. 2) Sepia Magazine interview with Dr. Richard King. 3) Barnes, 19.
            "Messed-up Melanin" is killing Black people!

            .In their ongoing effort to destroy People of Color, whites (scientists, chemists) create "designer drugs" that are specially structured to chemically bind with the Melanin molecule and cause Melanin to become toxic to Blacks! The molecules of these drugs resemble the Melanin molecule. The body is thus fooled and its balance is thrown off as it relies on its messed up Melanin in order to function. Major culprits include cocaine and crack.

            Blacks get addicted faster, stay addicted longer, and suffer the worse...from these drugs which are deliberately placed in Black communities.

            In his vital book, MELANIN: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness, essential reading for all Melanated People, Carol Barnes clearly documents this subject along with the wonders of Melanin. He shows how illegal drugs alter or change Melanin's chemical structure and thus alter many life supporting activities. Toxic drugs and chemicals are destroying the heart of Black society and causing many deaths. Barnes writes:
            "MELANIN can become toxic to the BLACK HUMAN because it combines with harmful drugs such as cocaine, amphetamines, psycholic, hallucinogens, neuroleptic (tranquilizers), 'agent orange'...paraquats, tetracyclines..." 1

            * Most Blacks test positive in the urine test for marijuana! People having high levels of Melanin or a high number of pigmented centers, such as the Black human, tend to show a positive test for the use of marijuana because the chemical species found in the urine which indicates someone's use of marijuana is also found in the urine of Black humans.

            • I wasn't going to post all of this, but I think it's important's for reference

              Melanin, The Pineal Gland, and the 3rd Eye

              "The Science of the Melanin" and "Dark Matter, Dark Secrets" melanin lies beyond skin pigmentation and the material-spiritual relationship of melanin!

              The pineal gland was the last endocrine gland to have its function discovered. Its location deep in the brain seemed to indicate its importance. This combination led to its being a "mystery" gland with myth, superstition and even metaphysical theories surrounding its perceived function.

              The pineal gland is occasionally associated with the third chakra (also called Ajna or the third eye chakra in yoga). It is believed by some to be a dormant organ that can be awakened to enable "telepathic" communication.

              In the physical body the eye views objects upside down. It sends the image of what it observes to the brain which interprets the image and makes it appear right side-up to us.

              But the human body has another physical eye whose function has long been recognized by humanity. It is called the 'Third Eye' which in reality is the Pineal Gland. It is long thought to have mystical powers. Many consider it the Spiritual Third Eye, our Inner Vision.

              It is located in the geometric center of the brain. This correlates to the location of the Great Pyramid in the center of the physical planet.

              The Pineal Gland is about the size of a pea, and is in the center of the brain in a tiny cave behind and above the pituitary gland which lies a little behind the root of the nose. It is located directly behind the eyes, attached to the third ventricle.

              The true function of this mysterious gland has long been contemplated by philosophers and Spiritual Adepts. Ancient Greeks believed the pineal gland to be our connection to the Realms of Thought.

              Rene Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul, believing it is unique in the anatomy of the human brain in being a structure not duplicated on the right and left sides. This observation is not true, however; under a microscope one finds the pineal gland is divided into two fine hemispheres.

              This gland is activated by Light, and it controls the various biorhythms of the body. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland which directs the body's thirst, hunger, sexual desire and the biological clock that determines our aging process.

              When the pineal gland awakens one feels a pressure at the base of the brain. This pressure will often be experienced when connecting to higher frequency. A head injury can also activate the Third Eye - Pineal Gland.

              While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of the brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the pineal gland has always been important in initiating supernatural powers. Development of psychic talents has been closely associated with this organ of higher vision.

              In some lower vertebrates the Epiphysis Cerebri - Pineal Gland - has a well-developed eye-like structure; in others though not organized as an eye, if functions as a light receptor. In lower vertebrates, the pineal gland has an eye like structure and it functions as a light receptor and is considered by some to be the evolutionary forerunner of the modern eye.

              The gland weighs little more than 0.1 gram. The gland is large in children and begins to shrink with the onset of puberty. It appears to play a major role in sexual development, hibernation in animals, metabolism, and seasonal breeding. In humans it affects circadian rhythms, sleep patterns (melatonin levels increase at night), and is implicated in seasonal affective disorder. The abundant melatonin levels in children is believed to inhibit sexual development. When puberty arrives, melatonin production is reduced.

              The pineal gland secretes melanin during times of relaxation and visualization. As we are created by electromagnetic energy - and react to EM energy stimuli around us - so does the pineal gland.

              When activated, the pineal gland becomes the line of communication with the higher planes. The crown chakra reaches down until its vortex touches the pineal gland. Prana, or pure energy, is received through this energy center in the head. With Practice the vibration level of the astral body is raised, allowing it to separate from the physical.

              To activate the 'third eye' and perceive higher dimensions, the pineal gland and the pituitary body must vibrate in unison, which is achieved through meditation and/or relaxation. When a correct relationship is established between personality, operating through the pituitary body, and the soul, operating through the pineal gland, a magnetic field is created. The negative and positive forces interact and become strong enough to create the 'light in the head.' With this 'light in the head' activated, astral projectors can withdraw themselves from the body, carrying the light with them.

              Astral travel, and other occult abilities, are closely associated with the development of the 'light in the head'. After physical relaxation, concentration upon the pineal gland is achieved by staring at a point in the middle of the forehead. Without straining the muscles of the eye, this will activate the pineal gland and the 'third eye'. Beginning with the withdrawal of the senses and the physical consciousness, the consciousness is centered in the region of the pineal gland. The perceptive faculty and the point of realization are centralized in the area between the middle of the forehead and the pineal gland. The trick is to visualize, very intently, the subtle body escaping through the trap door of the brain. A popping sound may occur at the time separation of the astral body in the area of the pineal gland.

              Visualization exercises are the first step in directing the energies in our inner systems to activate the 'third eye'. The magnetic field is created around the pineal gland, by focusing the mind on the midway point between the pineal gland and the pituitary body. The creative imagination visualizes something, and the thought energy of the mind gives life and direction to this form.

              'Third eye' development, imagination, and visualization are important ingredients in many methods to separate from the physical form. Intuition is also achieved through 'third eye' development. Knowledge and memory of the astral plane are not registered in full waking consciousness until the intuition becomes strong enough. Flashes of intuition come with increasing consistency as the 'third eye' as activated to a greater degree, through practice.

              The pineal gland corresponds with divine thought after being touched by the vibrating light of Kundalini. Kundalini starts its ascent towards the head center after responding to the vibrations from the 'light in the head.' The light is located at the top of the sutratma, or 'soul thread', which passes down from the highest plane of our being into the physical vehicle.

              The 'third eye,' or 'eye of Siva,' the organ of spiritual vision, is intimately related to karma, as we become more spiritual in the natural course of evolution.

              As human beings continue to evolve further out of matter, on the journey from spirit to matter back to spirit, the pineal gland will continue to rise from its state of age-long dormancy, bringing back to humanity astral capacities and spiritual abilities.

              At certain brainwave frequencies, a sense of ego boundary vanishes. In the theta state, we are resting deeply and still conscious, at the threshold of drifting away from or back into conscious awareness. As the brain enters deeper states, our consciousness is less concerned with the physical state, our 'third eye' is active, and separation becomes natural. Many native traditions and mystical practices refer to the ability of 'seeing,' or being aware of energy fields at higher levels. This abstract awareness is much more subjective and does not involve the normal level of mundane consciousness, which is mostly concerned with self-identity. This 'seeing' refers to the sight of the 'third eye'.

              Consciousness is raised from an emotional nature into an illumined awareness when the pineal gland is lifted from dormancy. If the pineal gland is not yet fully developed, it will be in the course of evolution. When our sense of ego and personality are set aside and we keep our mental energy intact, we can become conscious of the non-physical, our inner self, the subconscious, through different practices to activate the 'light in the head.'

              • DARK MATTER - BLACK ENERGY - IS the Universal Mind - AMEN

                "Melanin in its most concentrated form is black (Kemet). KEM means black (KEMet) It is black because its chemical (KEM) structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. This gives us an insight on Dark Stars and Black Matter."

                • On a psychological level, the study of melanin is a key to unlock mental slavery of ALL people. Melanin is the fundamental unit of the universe and can exist in four forms including Cosmic Melanin, Planetary Melanin, Plant Kingdom Melanin (chlorophyll) and Animal Kingdom melanin (black pigmentation). The latter is the appropriate field of study for Afrikans.

                  In humans, tyrosine, an amino acid, is the main nutrient. Tyrosine is a precursor of melanin and lays the foundation for melanin to be produced. The body must contain an enzyme known as tyrosinase and copper to be able to use tyrosine to create melanin. In humans there are three types of melanin. The first being Eumelanin which has a high electric charge, high molecular weight and density and gives rise to colors from dark brown to blue black. A less dense form of melanin with lower molecular weight is known as pheo-melanin or pseudo-melanin. It has been established that those with no melanin have quite a few more cancers and genetic disorders than those with pheo-melanin. It is also true that people with pheo-melanin have also quite a few more cancerous developments than those with Eumelanin.

                  The prime function of the melanin in the human body is analogous to chlorophyll in plants. The melanin is not only the pigment on the external surface of the body, but 90% of the melanin that our bodies contain exists in our brain in the pineal gland which is a tiny little thing, somewhere between the size of a grain of rice and a pea. There is clear and strong evidence that the melanin is dark in color at the same rate in whites as it is in blacks similar to the black quartz.

                  This leaves the door open for people to maintain whatever belief they want, if they possibly may convert their belief positively... The melanin essential role is physiological and acts as a semiconductor to transform energy. You cannot plug the human body like an electrical machine, but it does get electricity from another source: the diet, as well as the cosmic energy in the form of natural sources like the sun, air, water and earth. This living melanin (quartz) is able to absorb the energy of earth, sound (music and waves), light (sun, planets and stars), air (Chi, Prana, Ra etc.), water (sea, lake and river), vibrations etc...

                  Today, we can see how our ancestors, the indigenous people of this planet, have been able to reuse these energies in the past for the benefit of man in the expression of advanced civilizations we see today pyramid, temples, mathematics, architecture, cosmology and more.

                  The organ of the human body with the largest surface area is, of course, the skin. Many people are aware that the deep concentration of melanin in African peoples skin makes them black and enables them to use the rays of the sun more effectively than our less “melanated” counterparts, but what few know is that melanin is not only present in our skin but it permeates our whole physical being. It is contained in a small battery cell called a Melanosome. The degree of blackness in various organs in Afrikan people depends on the type of melanin contained and its weight.

                  Melanin is present in each organ and regulates the workings of our brain. Within the human brain stem are 12 centers of black melanin. On the earth, only humans have deep pigmentation of all twelve-brain centers. The brain center with the deepest pigmentation is the Locus Coeruleus or Black Dot. The Locus Coeruleus supplies the pineal gland with norepinephrine. The pineal gland controls the flow of melatonin during the night hours to activate R.E.M sleep which allows us to communicate with internal memory pools or other dimensions of life in nature. Melanin also causes seratonin to flow more effectively in the waking state so to “inspirience” more spirituality. This also helps to keep spiritual intunement at an apex. The less melanin in an individual, the more calcified the pineal gland and less access the individual has to the spiritual world.

                  Melanin exists also as biopigment for vision in the eyes of humans and all vertebrates. Color vision is produced in the retina by melanin through photopigments. These allow deeper melanin concentrations, offer protection from the sun as well as a fuller vision of the color spectrum. The melanin content in the inner ear also is of great importance. Through this ear pigmentation, it was found that increased melanin increases hearing frequencies. Melanin is also used to make the Black Dot more in touch with the universe. This Black Dot (Third Eye) was seen by our Kemetic ancestors as the access point to inner wisdom and divinity. This was the invisible door to the pyramid which when activated would decipher the mysteries.

                  Melanin in its most concentrated form is black (Kemet). It is black because its chemical structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. This gives us an insight and shows that melanin dominant people do not require the same amount of minerals and nutrients in their diet as people with less melanin.

                  Melanin absorbs light rays and stores them so that they can be used as energy later on. This is why Melanin dominant people are able to use sunlight more effectively. A perfect example of melanin’s use is related to Vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in the skin of melanin dominant individuals after sun exposure, whereas less “melanated” people require the intake of dairy products to secrete vitamin D.

                  It is important for people with high melanin content not to indulge in dairy products because after the age of 5, 80% of highly melanated people are lactose intolerant. For our people, eating diary leads to blockage diseases in the body. So instead of asking your brothers and sisters if they “Got milk?” you need to ask them the question, “Got Melanin?” This is just one example and also a brief look at the pervasive manifestations of melanin and its uses. It is a fact that we have ceased to know about our melanin and ceased to use it accordingly. The key to our liberation is the reactivation of our melanin faculties.

                  The author of this article intends for everyone who reads it to research melanin and hence research their true self. It is important for us to know some basic fundamentals on the energy governing our life. For further research, two highly recommended books upon which this article was fed are: Melanin:a key to freedom by Richard King M.D and Vitamins and Minerals: from a to z by Jewel Pookrum.
  • I am surprised the ultimate logical conclusion to the information presented in this thread (and the previous on melanin) has not been expressed.

    Namely - the original predecessors to human kind became human due to their skin color, i.e.; melanin.

    All the apes, chimps, indeed all animals in Africa which are hair or fur bearing have white skin.
    No melanin is produced, because the hair/fur provides protection from the Sun.

    By some chance mutation, one of these species began to lose that body hair.
    Thereby requiring the production of melanin.

    Which led to intellect and spirituality, and henceforth allowing the development of homo sapiens.

    Which also answers the question of why Man came out of Africa.

    Apparently, it's been downhill ever since. . . . .

    • That's a logical delusion... which is called a Deductive fallacy

      The gorilla with its full coat of hair has no need for high melanin and yet it has it. Therefore melanin has nothing to do with the sun. Hair is a much better protection to the skin from the sun than high melanin could ever be. Just as in the North a thick coat of fur is much more effective against cold than low melanin which is no protection at all. So why do all Northern mammals with the exception of man have fur and why doesn’t man?

      The sun does not create melanin. At most it releases it in what is called a protective mode. Thus both Black and Whites ‘tan.’ Too much sun and you can forget melanin as your skin reddens and bubbles burning to a crisp.

      Melanin is a "pigment" coloring the skin and hair.

      "The science of Genetics shows that Blacks can produce all races but it is impossible for a brown, yellow, red, or white race to produce a black race. A Japanese scientist showed that inside melanocytes (pigment cells) are tiny packets called melanosomes that contatin melanin.

      "All humans possess this Black internal brain evidence of their common Black Afrikan Origin. The All Black neuromelanin nerve tract of the brain is profound proof that the human race is a Black race, with many variations of Black, from Black-Black to White-Black, all internally rooted in a vast sea of Brain Blackness."

      "Humanity may differ in outer appearance, with variations of colors but internally they are all black, all African at the core.

      The question for all humans is how to relate to this blackness...and of Dark Matter and Black Stars

      • "Science doesn't hold any answers, it never has, from the 'Earth was flat' to the 'Sun revolves around the Earth', to the structure of matter. It's always changing. Hell, we don't know what anything is - gravity, matter, energy, time, thoughts, Love, etc. - you name it. Science holds zero answers, yet so called "educated" types want to blast spirituality every chance they get. They laugh at Kemet and our creation theory, yet if you ask them about the "Big Bang" you get answers like, "We don't know, we just believe it just happened out of nowhere". Even Hawking (one of the smartest men on the planet) says, Big Bang Theory is a "best guess" - "best guess" IS NOT science."

        Yet, they're teaching that in school as fact?? - It hasn't been 'tested' or 'proven' (that's science) - there is NOTHING scientific about it. Nothing. Similarly, evolution is a "best guess" - it is not science. True, we can observer it locally, but there are gaps and flaws and timelime issues, etc., etc. Scientists don't even understand the human mind or synthesis of the body, or know how it works.

        You all act as if we weren't sperm at one time... if we evolved from anything it would be on a biochemical level, not by looking at Apes just because they look similar.

        I've already to you all we come from Space...

        Chimpanzees and other apes are wonderful animals, fully worthy of ethical treatment and protection. But they are not human nor do we come from Apes. They are not 98% human; they are not even half human. They are 100% animals on their own terms.

        Most people think the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin rests on scientific evidence, observations and experiments. However, the truth is the theory is not based on scientific proof at all, but on racism of Darwin, Hitler and his cronies wanted to see the world, because there have never ever been any transitional creatures found between man and apes or dinosaurs and birds or fish and mammals.

        Though millions of fossils have been unearthed, none show a halfway or changing body from one creature into another creature. Dogs are still dogs, not too dissimilar to fossils of ancient dogs, cats are still cats, fish are still fish, monkeys have always been monkeys and people are still people.

        Yet, for two hundred years, some people have believed in evolution anyway.

        • "The science of this age, so deeply influenced by the gross materialist asili of Westerners [what will kill the most human beings, what will unnaturally yield crops with higher resistance to the Divine purpose of insects, what will allow the real wealth of mankind, labor, to be replaced by corporate profit generating machines and slaves, what chemicals can be synthesized to proliferate and treat, but not cure, infectious diseaces], typically avoids the "why"."

          Earlier cultures, specifically KMT and the Harrapa Valley, did not have such limitations and, hence, documented truths which are only now, in the past century, being re-discovered by the men of this age.

          There is science .... and, then, there is what the late Sri Yukteswar called the Holy Sciences. (KEMet)

          • Again this is not about Black Vs. White...

            but to show the divine's not just random acts of " Nature" it's a complex design IN Nature (Nature to us is the same as god intelligence into a fusion of life, can't you people see the complexity yet the simplicity? In a divine order or fashion...this is how we know, and not only do we know it's of Intelligent Design, but we know it's designed by orderly intelligence, think of the precision and how cute a bugs ear is, god does not roll dice.

            VERY IMPORTANT ~ Race is a Social Construct ~

            Skin Color Adaptation

            *This is a very good site (with pics)

            Human skin color is quite variable around the world. It ranges from a very dark brown among some Africans, Australians, and Melanesians to a near yellowish pink among some northwest Europeans. There are no people who actually have true black, white, red, or yellow skin. These are commonly used terms that do not reflect biological reality.

            Skin color is due primarily to the presence of a pigment called melanin . Both light and dark complexioned people have this pigment. However, two forms are produced--pheomelanin , which is red to yellow in color, and eumelanin , which is dark brown to black. People with light complexioned skin mostly produce pheomelanin, while those with dark colored skin mostly produce eumelanin.

            In addition, individuals differ in the number and size of melanin particles. The latter two variables are more important in determining skin color than the percentages of the different kinds of melanin. In lighter skin, color is also affected by red cells in blood flowing close to the skin.

            Nature (God) has selected for people with darker skin in tropical latitudes, especially in nonforested regions, where ultraviolet radiation from the sun is usually the most intense. Melanin acts as a protective biological shield against ultraviolet radiation.
          • Re: Melanin and Spirituality

            Mon, May 18, 2009 - 1:46 AM

            "The All Black neuromelanin nerve tract of the brain is profound proof that...Humanity may differ in outer appearance, with variations of colors but internally they are all black, all African at the core. "

            The part I don't understand is how Melanin might relate to spirituality in any way whatsoever. I don't imagine there are MANY people who would deny that humanity very likely originated in Africa. If we are all 'African' on the inside, surely it doesn't matter what our skin colour is in relation to any spiritual 'ability' or perception. If 'internally we are all black, all African at the core' can you understand how this might be incompatible with your previous post wherin you quoted someone that "
            Individuals (whites) containing low levels of Melanin will behave in a barbaric manner." Melanin gives humans the ability to FEEL... Since whites have the least amount of Melanin, this is why they are perceived by People of Color as generally being rigid, unfeeling (heartless), cold, calculating, mental, and "unspiritual." [and without much soul]Their historical behavior towards nonwhites often confirms this."

            This is contradictory (at least to me) to us being 'African at the core'. If on one hand we are all the same on the inside, doesn't this negate the logic of that person's quote that skin colour determines whether someone is spiritual or whether they are unable to feel? In my mind it does. I think it is important to understand that although that person you've quoted from, may well have belived what they did, and have some 'logic' for it being so, does not make it true. Unbiased observation should show this. I will be the first to say that white people have behaved atrociously toward black people but I do not think that this behavious is unique to people with white skin and absent in people with darker skin. I am not familiar with all the nuances of KMT, but it would seem that the presence/absence of melanin is unlikely to enter into the equation, so that melanin is not related to spirituality should not impinge upon your beliefs, however, if it IS that KMT bases part of its foundation on the supremacy of melanin in light of spirituality, and therefore postulating that white people are unable or unlikely to spiritual, then I would strongly urge that you take a step back and get some scope, because, whatever way it is painted, when we base any distinctions between ability/preference and skin colour, we walk a very fine line toward racism. I do not htink you are racist, as I've said before, however, be careful of reading the toxicity of the hatred of other people, in case it infects your own mind. It could be a very slippery slope.

            It would seem to me that skin-colour, and by proxy, melanin, is not indicative of spirituality. I fail to see how melanin has any effect upon spirituality or for that matter mentality.
            I think that once you scratch beneath the surface, all your left with is a human being, capable of deciding whether to be cruel, emotionless and barbaric, or whether to be generous, spiritual, altruistic and compassionate. I do not think melanin will enter the equation. When judging the health of a tree, you examine the leaves and fruit, not the roots. In other words, to examine the merits of a character, judge them on the fruits the produce and their current attitudes and actions, not upon where they have come from, where they live or genetic 'roots'.
            • Re: Melanin and Spirituality

              Mon, May 18, 2009 - 12:22 PM

              Great post Paul, and yes you are right, but don't forget the reason for my post....

              This is to prove the existence of god (divine intelligence). But I needed to go past the mind of logic, and into the soul, I need you all to FEEL it on another level... for you all to get upset

              Emotions are the substance of the soul, the astral realm, the emotional body (this is our Soul, Ascendant or rising sign in Astrology)
              to not only see it from a different perspective, but to feel it, change... and grow.

              'African at the core' should have been "Amen" at the core ...and yes, I cut and paste these articles and try to edit the best I can, but its to make a point on two spiritual (Neuromelanin) and then one Physical (skin melanin) you make your own assessment about race, but all of us know the conditions of black people and their history in the world.

              Race is different than skin color..Race is a social construct

              but I do think there's something to this.... but I don't think it's major, but enough to take note, think about when people say "he's got blue eyed soul" or the black people can really dance or they got rhythm, or of our soulful music...

              now that doesn't mean white people can't get down, or come from the soul, or that all black people can dance...but there's something to it.

              Just like there's something to all these Asian people with Cameras and taking all these picture can tell me over and over again that it's just a stereotype, but I've seen it to much, I don't know what it is...

              some Chinese guy whipping out his digital perhaps its something in them that's more visual I don't know...

              Black and melanin is just a metaphor - for this divine intelligence AMEN, KMT.

              AUM - OM - AMEN

              The Upanishads speak of the divine syllable --- AUM. AUM, also known as OM, is derived from AMEN -- sphere 0 of the KMT Tree Of Life. We associate Amen with Peace. AUM --- peace, peace, peace.

              Melanin in its most concentrated form is black (Kemet). KEM means black (KEMet) It is black because its chemical (KEM) structure will not allow any energy to escape once that energy has come in contact with it. They were giving us an insight on Dark Stars and Black Matter back then.

              "Black is not the absence of light, but the Absorption of light"

              So we are all KMT at the core... Invisible could be used as well

              When I speak of KMT think of Dark matter within, something there but not seen (it's the same as all around us and dark matter making up about 90% of all.)

              first off KMT and it's allegory story of the Book of the Living speaks on all of this,

              Paul you know Astrology so you can read this language as well.

              Think of Pisces as being Amen … the 12th house

              then think of a dysfunctional Virgo, who’s always discriminating, criticizing, calculating which is good for Things, but not so good with people.

              What makes a person "white" or "black" is more in the *mental than in physical (Skin).

              I am not saying whites are spiritually inferior. But, I am saying that the seed of their culture [that which is referred to Asili ] is inferior, spiritually retarded, and anti-Oneness. (because SETH tricked us - not just people of color but you all too)

              This is what’s spreading across the globe and what’s killing Africa....and our world

              Black people are Especially just as guilty of this… Seth has taken over our people and our culture.

              So this really has nothing to do with skin color, but to teach and show the evidence we have to go back to the culture and a people who got the gnosis first ... that know the difference in culture and how this culture was mutilated and changed and that's what I show with KMT.

              Kemet predates Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

              after all the pictures of National geographic you would think African culture was just people with bones in their noses, war paint, not to intelligent, and just dancing around in ritual, as Evolution would tells us and constructs it to be...that we are animals, ape like, dumb, hunters, and eventually though evolution we became intelligent and out of evolution of thought more intelligent, and that more more education and learning [SETH} academia the better off we'll be, and we will reward you with a better life get right to school so we can program you.

              The more cultures adapt to this Western society the better off we'll be (Not) ...this is the NWO saying they want to spread democracy. It's such a shame every third world country wants to emulate us ...that's way i'm so proud of Castro and Cuba. not his politics, but his balls of Steel.

              (Social Evolution and Scientism is telling us) that we are now civilized and that only the strong survive, it how and why we justify going to war with Iraq ... Condi (Rice) doesn't see she's done anything wrong ...this is SETH programming.

              I mention KMT only because these people to receive the untainted version of life and our relationship to it who just happed to be a dark race at a time, Like Swarm said it wouldn't matter if they were aliens or martians...but I would still have to prove it with aliens to show you the differences (and simularities) between them and us... so again the importance of them in Kemet is more about "Time" in history of this divine knowledge from a people whom we are told at the time really didn't have any history or didn't have much intelligence, not the race of history, but the skin color of the people of Kemet was black, not in those people having more melanin were more spiritual, but that the taught about melanin and dark matter 5,000 b.c. and can be understood as a functionality of Amen.

              Look all the crimes in Africa are being carried out by Seth conditioned Africans (Black people)

              I can’t even take African American Conditioned Social culture these days, they’re either thugging it, calling our goddesses holes and b*tches, and killing their own for a gold chain or tooth, even millionaire celebrities flossing their Bling Bling which is really worth nothing, except perhaps just another young black mans life in African, slaves in diamond mines.

              Negroes all cheesing thinking he/she’s made it …

              Think of Oprah she’s nothing but a modern day Mammy

              Selling out each other for a White SETH culture…

              See I could turn it around symbolically Black people with all this perhaps Melanin contents; perhaps it makes them lazy, or loud in movie theaters, not good with money, always Late etc., It’s not in our culture to cheat and rob people and just call it business as usually, Capitalism is not our way.

              Westerners (Europe), Easterners (Asia), Africans, African Americans, and people of all colors. We have all lost our way.
              • Re: Melanin and Spirituality

                Mon, May 18, 2009 - 12:30 PM

                Ancient Kemet spoke of a ruddy red race as that of Seth

                Mr. Yakub (Sebek/Seth) and the Making of the Devil (Evil)

                Yakub represents the left hemisphere of the brain and its related mental only activities.

                Mr. Yakub was a "White big headed scientist," meaning he symbolized extreme left-brained arrogance, vanity and unrelenting pride.

                Mr. Yakub (And the terms I’m using such as Westerners, Europeans, etc) has been used *symbolically to represent that making of White people.

                Note: Physical white people are not any more or less evil than physical Black people. Any person of any skin color can become devilish by the thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions they indulge.

                Now the alleged making of the devil... it refers to the ego supplanting the former rule or predominance of the right brain hemisphere.

                The individual "I" and sense of separateness is a grafted "add on to the original human consciousness. This social ego -- created by maya, separate-ness and "tricknology" (i.e. "Yakub) is the real devil (enemy, adversary) and is symbolized by the White man because of our past.

                Let me repeat that …

                "Yakub/Seth is the real devil (enemy, adversary) and is SYMBOLIZED by the White man because of our past… Meaning slavery…and this was so much more than slavery… this is a bondage THAT STILL EXIST today, of many not only shackles on our hands and feet, but on our minds, our culture, our religions, our values, our vegetation, food and natural resources, our existence.

                SETH's gone wild ... it's actually not even any fun, it's fleeting being evil ....

                SETH-in-white people took all of that … and it becomes a conditioned state of Scientism and Facts to cover their tracks …that’s why the nose and lips of the Sphinx is missing.

                SETH is not White people ...

                Yakub is the modern version of the trickster gods that have been depicted throughout the world: Coyote, Set, Satan, Sebek, Hanuman, Mescalito, Kweku Ansi, etc.

                White people "cave men" and "cavey." It refers to underground (subconscious) influences that operate in the dark (ignorance).

                This is all symbolic wisdom…

                We are constantly making the devil whenever we feed and nourish our lower selves and animal appetites. When we allow our egos to rule, instead of bringing our egos into submission to the indwelling divinity. This is the fight between Ausar (Osiris) Set. (Luke Skywalker and Dark Vader)

                Heru (Heart Consciousness) is key to the Ausarian (the father - Divine Intelligence) resurrection metaphor, wherein Heru (Christ Hero) is seen as the son (Sun), the hero figure, who reclaims his father's throne which has been usurped by Ausar's evil brother SETH. Heru re-establishes the kingdom of God both within and without, by aligning his will (Our Will) Man's free will, with God's will.

                *A sense of being a separate ego is the fundamental illusion that distorts our perception of "reality"

                • Re: Melanin and Spirituality

                  Mon, May 18, 2009 - 12:42 PM

                  I think

                  And, of course, we have to also factor in that white folks spread like the plague to people of color, think of the Caste of India etc, and then killed off about a hundred million soldiers and civilians, most of them other whites, during WW I and WW II. That also white people have killed off the Native Americans, enslaved black people and killing hundreds of millions of them for hundreds of years... now racial profiling and 1 in 4 black men are going to jail. Poverty, now every south side has a story, minorities lack of proper education with unjust zoning laws of housing, which turn into impoverished schools and neighborhoods.

                  So yes my back ground is for social activism and these people just happened to be treated the worst

                  Whites are still struggling, far too slowly, to evolve, culturally, from the violent and anti-social behaviors which they carried with them when the ice melted and they began migrating back south and east.

                  Fortunately, the signs are numerous, everywhere you look, that Caucasians are, slowly, one at a time, evolving into a more spiritual [versus materialist] culture thanks to their exposure to other cultures.

                  Our current global economic meltdown is, I think, leading caucasians to a huge epiphany as it is beginning to dawn on most of them that the Way of the Iceman over the long haul, must lead to pain and suffering.

                  Yeah, they had their Two Thousand Seasons of getting over on everybody else. But, now, in this generation, the bills are all starting to come in at once on the various fantasy games, Seth invented to dominate the rest of humanity [fractional banking, globalization, fiat money, Christianity, Zionism, Islam, etc.].

                  A huge challenge for humanity is figuring out how best to replace our dying civilization.

                  First, we approach white racism only indirectly. Our primary focus is upon European culture, not racism. Not white skin. (Why do black people like Bill Clinton so much?) Racism is intrinsic to European culture, of course. But, by focusing on why that is so, we present a much more complete treatment of why Europeans do the things they do.

                  Think about it Paul and of our psychology of today …say you are a woman and your name is Africa and in growing up you got raped and molested by a man named Europe.

                  Your whole life has been changed, even the way you think and feel.

                  This hurt has memories…but Europe has never been changed, arrested, and caught –no admission, not even an apology, you tried to press charges but the evidence had been destroyed by his friends, you told everyone but they did not believe you or thought you might put yourself into a precarious situation.

                  You know he’s still out there, but really now most any man now looks like Europe, and they scare you, and because justice hasn’t been served you feel more than a victim, you feel less than human, violated.

                  Then you come to find out that Europe is now your boss, Europe is now land lord, your police offer, your attorney and your judge, he’s now your pastor, now your teacher and educator, and with a smirk on his face he now begins to tell your story…

                  black complexions don’t intrinsically represent a spiritual advantage.

                  Our culture does…and that is KMT
                  • This is the maximum depth. Additional responses will not be threaded.

                    Re: Melanin and Spirituality

                    Mon, May 18, 2009 - 12:44 PM


                    "One of the fundamental truths about color that's important to understand is that color is something we humans impose on the world. The world isn't colored; we just see it that way. A reasonable working definition of color is that it's our human response to different wavelengths of light. The color isn't really in the light: We create the color as a response to that light, just as we create the sensation of pain when struck by an object. The color brown is no more inherent to a given pebble, say, than is the pain we might feel if that pebble struck us solidly in the forehead."

                    "Color is created by the interaction of three elements -- an illuminant (a light source), an object, and an observer (the person who experiences the color). We'll talk more about the observer in a minute; for now it's most important to understand the relationship between the light source and the object."

                    Out of the many vibrations reaching the earth.

                    "Color picture painted in the image of his master. Although normally associated with the Seventh Ray all things rise of the Divine Installment"

                    "The rays can be perceived through colour or sound (MUSIC). The seven colours and sounds of the rays provide a more intuitive approach to understanding. For instance, Ray 7 corresponds to the note of G and the colour violet, depending upon which octaves are being used."

                    Because black makes a photograph’s colors appear more vivid by contrast.

                    "color is vibration like music; everything is vibration.” — Marc Chagall
                    • Re: Melanin and Spirituality

                      Mon, May 18, 2009 - 12:46 PM

                      When the modern day "Seth's" talks of survival they mean their dog eat dog modus operandi,
                      in order for them to "survive" someone else, "the other" must either die
                      or be subjugated (dominated). Of course hoarding is the opposite of
                      sharing. We see these reptilian traits being played out daily on a
                      global basis by whites who essentially function on that level.

                      Set culture is primed to destroy, the more we attempt to assimilate and
                      acculturate into it, the sicker (or the more dominated) we become!

                      Critically examine history and see what I mean.

                      Set culture (today's capitaliSIC culture) is predatory, it operates off of the basest elements and behaviors. If we are to regain our complete humanity and develop to our fullest potential we must formulate an African based pedagogical/cultural system to develop our human brain and cultivate transcendance over its baser reptilian and mammalian parts. To do this we must return to, relearn and reinstate our Maat methodologies for human development.
                      • Re: Melanin and Spirituality

                        Mon, May 18, 2009 - 12:47 PM

                        The Self transcends the body. You are not that.

                        However --- and this is an important point --- melanin does have a critical role to play in the _functioning_ of our Consciousness. And, this role is consistent within All -- both Whites, and Blacks, and Browns, and all the other artificial subgroups of mankind. Melanin is an energy absorber. Skin melanin absorbs light energy from the rays of the sun, from without. And, neuromelanin both absorbs, and transfers/radiates, energy within the body. But, what is this energy that is both without, and within? What is this light that is the life of men?

                        Ancient Kemet and other wholy books [Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita] of the Harrapa Valley teach that the Self is Consciousness, and that this Consciousness is both within and without. The message here is that there is only One "thing" in all that is real and that One is Brahman -- God. Even the Self (atman in Sanskrit), is Brahman. That which is within, atman, is also that which is without, Brahman. Brahman is pure and perfect Consciousness. We perceive the illusion (maya) of separation from Brahman only because of our Ignorance (avidya) of Self (atman).

                        The possibility I would ask you to consider is that the aforementioned energy, both without and within, that melanin absorbs and transfers/radiates --- this energy, this Light that is the Life of man --- is, perhaps, none other than Brahman (without) and atman (within).


                        If we now travel west and south of the Harrapa Valley, and go back in time to the ancient civilization of Kemet, again we find this notion of vivifying energy from without that is absorbed, and transferred/radiated within. Kemet called the ultimate source of this energy RA, which was symbolically represented by an image of the Sun with wings. One particular citizen of that era, Tehuti, called Hermes by the Greeks, summed up this wisdom in what the Kybalion calls the third Hermetic Principle --- All Is Vibration.

                        Vibration is just another name for energy. That which we think of as matter is really just energy vibrating at a slow, gross, rate. Light, by contrast, is energy vibrating at a much faster rate. And, Consciousness is mental energy, vibrating at an even faster, subtle, rate. The Kybalion, a book summarizing the Hermetic Principles as plagiarized by the Greeks, refers to the entire universe as being nothing other than mental energy.

                        The Kybalion:

                        "The Universe is Mental -- held in the Mind of THE ALL."

                        If we look deep enough into a lump of coal, or a pebble, or a blade of grass, we find atoms. If we look deeper, inside the atom, we find electrons, protons, and neutrons. If we look even deeper into those atomic particles, we no longer find anything remotely resembling matter, but only statistical probabilities of energy (vibration) states. Einstein concisely described this relationship between energy and matter with his beautiful formula --- e = mc2.

                        And, if you look closely, you will find in that formula that which is without, Brahman (e), that which is within, atman (m), and RA (c).

                        An hypothesis for you to consider:

                        Vivifying energy, Consciousness, --- RA --- Brahman --- God
                        Is absorbed from without, and Is transferred/radiated within --- atman --- by neuromelanin.

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