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"The identical thing that we now call the Christian religion existed, among the ancients, and has not been lacking from the beginnings of the human race until the coming of Christ in the flesh, from which moment on the true religion [kmt] descended into paganism, which then began to be recalled Christian." (St. Augustine, De Civitate Dei)

We speak Wisdom among them that are perfect...,

We speak the Wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden Wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory. (I Cor. 2.6-7)

Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? (I Cor. 6.18-19)

Awake thou that sleepest and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. (Eph. 5.14)

He that raised up Christ ... shall also quicken you by His Spirit that dwelleth in you. (Rom. 8.11 )

Ye are all one in Christ. (Gal. 7.28)

I have said. Ye are gods. (Ps. 82.6)


May the Truth of the Voice resound to the Greater Glory of God. May the Love and Wisdom of the Great Mother find a resting-place in the fallen Soul. May the consciousness of Christ be as a guiding Light unto all beings. For ever and ever. Amen.

My little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you. (Gal. 4.19)

Books in this Series. The MAAT Texts

1. The Aquarian Bible of the Cosmic Christ.

2. The Aquarian Mandala: The Macrocosmic Universe in Man.

3. Aquarian Mythology: A Comparative Study.

4. Aquarian Astrology and Medical Diagnosis.

The fundamental assumption underlying their production is that there exists one comprehensive body of Truth known as the Gnosis or Ageless Wisdom. This Wisdom was given to us by spiritual teachers in the Lemurian Root Race. These teachings, originally pure and consistent, became garbled and distorted through the descent of the successive Races, such as the Atlantean to the Physical Plane.

According to esoteric philosophy man was originally evolving on a level of manifestation higher than the Physical Plane, and known as the Mental Plane. This is the biblical tale of the Garden of Eden. The Races descended gradually to the Physical Plane and are now on the upward arc of evolution towards their spiritual home. (See The Aquarian Mandala.)

MAAT is the Egyptian goddess of Truth. We can only understand our purpose on Earth when we are motivated by Truth to seek Soul Wisdom. This can be found through the universal language of symbolism.

Very Extensive website, though I haven't had the chance to check the validity of it yet, i'm going to have a field day in here
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SF Bay Area

    Sat, April 19, 2008 - 8:46 AM
    Ha Ha! "Text" is Text wether it's Biblical Verse or writings in "Any Other Book"
    Anyone(even ME!) could write about a Wonderous Second Coming!
    I'll believe THIS Christian Myth when "IT" Happens!

      Sat, April 19, 2008 - 9:27 AM

      Jake, I think you're missing the point, the Christ is within you. so "IT" Happens when you make it happen

        Sat, April 19, 2008 - 9:50 AM

        “We are the manufacturers of misery!”

        Hell, like Utopia (Heaven Paradise) is not a place, they don't physically exist, But they are real

        "Hell of my creed consist in that natural Nemesis which follows on broken laws, and dogs the law breaker, in spite of any of his beliefs"

        "Nature knows nothing of the forgiveness for sin. She has no rewards or punishments--nothing but causes and consequences."

        But, nature is not of the Soul … the Soul only grows and learns through nature and that is why we are here...yes, each and everyone of us has a purpose, a soul purpose, and a Universal one as well if you will... it’s our own hero’s journey. (look at your astrology chart)

        We've come back to learn the diagrams of the heart
        This is Re-incarnation…and NOW “the weighting of the heart against a feather”

        "The god-man of the Gnostics was not a man-god, but the god or divine nature in man, which represented the spiritual image of the Invisible God, the formless in our human form; not in our human form of individual personality as an historical Christ, or Horus, or Buddha. That was but the symbolical presentment of the matter. The historical realisation was meant for all men and women, not for one man Jesus, or one female Sophia."

        " We do not want to be beguiled, or to have our children deceived any longer with the most beautiful biography of the man in the moon, who came down too soon, and whose second coming has been looked for so vainly during 1800 years."

        "From what I have learned of the interior operations of natural law, such selfishness defeats its own end and aim. The only way of helping oneself is by helping others. The only true way of receiving is by giving. That being lost in hell (duat) saves a mans soul."

        Agnosticism means that a man shall not say he believes that which he has no scientific grounds
        for professing to believe!"

        So say we...We don't believe - WE KNOW and WE ARE

        Only we have scientific grounds for knowing. A crude materialistic interpretation of the Universe bottoms nothing. There is eternal motion; there is eternal life. There is a being beyond appearance. There is a Consciousness that co-ordinates the means to attain the ends, with power to turn to account all that occurs in the sphere of so-called human Free-Will.

        There is Intelligence involved in all that is intelligible. All who break the laws of nature do so under penalty of punishment. They learn sooner or later that there is a law-maker, whose ministers and agencies will dog the law-breaker; however we may deny the law-maker, we cannot evade the law!" [instead of Law I like the words Harmony or Order better]

        False Spiritualism merely begets a craze after another life. But a true Spiritualism will turn our attention to this life, and help on the work of this world. Spiritualism enables us to call in the new world in our rectification and adjustment of the wrong done in the old and present--somewhat like calling in troops from the new world of the Colonies to fight the battle of England in the old. It has come to quicken a keener conscience in the human race; set up a loftier ideal of life and a nobler standard of appeal than fear of punishment and hope of reward."

        For me, KMT means an aid in the certain overthrow of all false dogmas and lying legends, which have been imposed upon women men, and are still imposed upon the children, in the name of God which has become Apathy, Science, and Money has been driving in its splitting wedge with a mighty ripping and rending of the ancient gnostic beliefs.

        But with INNEr Spiritualism the wedge is alive, and takes root just as the seed of the Indian Bo-tree is so vital that when it is sown singly in the cleft of some lofty tower or fortress, and a drop of moisture and a smile of sunshine have caused it to quicken, KMT will shoot out and lay hold of the stone with its feelers and strike root to make its way down the walls to the earth outside, and laying hold of this it gathers strength and grows mightily, and sends back such force to its birth-place that the walls are rent, and the temporary resting-place betwixt earth and heaven is shattered in favour of the newer rootage and firmer foothold upon this more nutritious and life-giving ground called Afruka

        So KMT lay hold of the larger substance of reality, and inevitably rend the barren stone walls of these so called Establishments into fragments, minute enough to be ground down into the new fresh soil in which it is destined to flourish and bear fruit in the freer, larger, loftier life of a nobler human race!"

        Excerpts from:


        by Gerald Massey

          Sat, April 19, 2008 - 10:07 PM
          I thought some people already had a coming religion, complete with willing libertine members and everything.

          Oh wait, you said "coming." Ick! Who'd want more of that?

            Sun, April 20, 2008 - 9:26 AM
            What is "in Me" isn't your Christ of the Christian Bible.
            "it" is a creator greater than myself who has gifted me with knowing the difference bettween right and wrong.
            A Loving and accepting Creator who does not "Judge Me" like your Christian God does.
            A Creator who will not "condem Me to your Xtian Hell" for being a Fag.
            A Loving and MOST MERCIFUL Creator who gave me the ability to fight HIV and live more than 24 years with an Illness that has "taken weaker Christian Men".
            A Creator who does not "Smite" the Human's It created,befall them with pestulence or plauges.A Creator who does not perpetuate Wars over who's Faith is better than their's and gives each of It's "Creations" an equal life without Judgement calls or a "Judgement Day".
            "That's" who is "In Me".

              Sun, April 20, 2008 - 11:27 AM

              >"What is "in Me" isn't your Christ of the Christian Bible."<

              i never said it was, I don't have a Christ of the Christian bible and i'm not Christian
              you have to read between the lines

              "it" is a creator greater than myself who has gifted me with knowing the difference bettween right and wrong."

              yes and no, knowing right from wrong and all other dualities are invented in your own mind -god is whole and all-in-all and accepts your just as you are right or wrong

              >"A Loving and accepting Creator who does not "Judge Me" like your Christian God does."<

              you will not be judged when you stop judging others and your self - duality

              >"A Creator who will not "condem Me to your Xtian Hell" for being a Fag."<

              it seems like we do that all by ourself - we don't have to live in hell (here on earth)

              "A Loving and MOST MERCIFUL Creator"

              > "That's" who is "In Me".<

              YES! hallelujah!

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